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90 Minute Music Theory Lesson

90 Minute Music Theory Lesson

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Comfort with a musical instrument is highly encouraged but not necessary.  Often taken together with Piano or Singing lessons for more advanced students (60 min or 90 min lessons). High School music theory homework help and study guides are available. Starting as early as middle school, learn
  • Secrets of chord function and harmonic hierarchy
  • Techniques of songwriting and metaphor development
  • Melodic development
  • Music theory homework help and study techniques
  • Sight reading and Solfege
  • Counterpoint and part-writing for arrangements

90 minute lessons are ideal for the passionate multi-disciplinary musician.  Most usually, we divide the 90-min lessons into two 45-min intensives of voice and piano, or piano and theory, or singing and songwriting.  The highly advanced student will use the full 90 minutes on one subject in a collegiate-level study.

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