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90 Minute Voice Lesson

90 Minute Voice Lesson

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The classical foundation helps improve all styles of singing.  Often taken together with Piano and/or Theory lessons for more advanced students (60min or 90 min).  Starting as early as middle school, learn:
  • Traditional classical breathing techniques
  • To expand your range and phrasing
  • To improve your vocal control and beauty
  • To clarify your tone and diction
  • How to identify and utilize different genre stylings (Opera, Jazz, Musical Theater, R&B, Pop, etc.)

90 minute lessons are ideal for the passionate multi-disciplinary musician.  Most usually, we divide the 90-min lessons into two 45-min intensives of voice and piano, or piano and theory, or singing and songwriting.  The highly advanced student will use the full 90 minutes on one subject in a collegiate-level study.

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