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If you want a career (or an exciting hobby) in music, you'll first need to understand how it works. I provide a solid theoretical approach to music, in a way that is simple and easy to all to understand.

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X Music Theory lessons

While at Pepperdine, I focused on music theory and composition. Music is one of the most subjective and elusive art forms, and I am always enamored of its practical, tangible elements.

I have taught music theory classes since 2009 and developed my own music theory curricula. I created my methodology to empower my students to master music theory fundamentals and advanced theoretical concepts.

Music theory is the grammar of music: a working knowledge of music theory is a powerful tool for every level of musician. I will lead you through the fundamentals to learn how to create music guided by the heart and tempered by science.

Whether making beats or writing for a full orchestra, a deeper grasp of music theory is essential for anyone.